Friday, 2 March 2012

[BUZZ EXCLUSIVE] Meet Upcoming Act - Ubi a.k.a Mystiq

How did u come about your name?

I use to be into sports... I could play well... and my frends just used to call me the girl in X-men who could change into anyone... 

What is your motivation for getting into the industry?

I have my own kinda I just feel I rily shld get heard too..

How long have u been in the music industry? 3yrs..

Whats your inspiration and how would you describe your sound?

My inspiration comes mainly from stuffs happening around me...or what am experiencing at a particular time...wen it gets like that i just kip writing...My sound is quite different frm other Nigerian femcees...cause I try to blend normal rap with patois n a Lil bit of singing

Talk us through your latest single / project?

'I like what I see' i said earlier...stuffs happenin around me creates d is one of such...

Oya Download - 'I like what I see'

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