Monday, 21 November 2011

The GIGO EP - Eva Alordiah

The GIGO EP from Eva Alordiah. Click the download button and listen to some good music. Yes #Buzz
1. Garbage in (Ehhh) – Eva ft Xvol
2. Hottie
3. High
4. Crazy – Saucekid skit
5. Crazy – Eva ft Saucekid
6. I Done did it
7. Never Say Goodbye
8. Downlow – Eva ft Shank
9. Garbage Out (Your Fada) – Eva ft Basket Mouth, Chigurl and Ikechukwu

1 produced by Bigfoot of Mircworx
2 produced by Sossick
3,4,5 produced by Gray Jon’z
6 produced by Sossick
7 produced by Gray Jon’z
8,9 produced by Tintin

EP artwork photography by -Obi Somto
EP artwork design by -Ugo Daté

All songs written by Eva Alordiah (except collaborations in which case featuring artistes were responsible for their lyrics)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

ElDee - Wash Wash

We dey wash
everybody’s always tryna be posh
pretending like say we dey floss
but if u really check am na wash we dey wash
WASH-WASH (written by eLDee)
Produced by Sarz
© 2011 Trybe Records