Sunday, 15 July 2012


Here is the concluding part of GREEN which was published on 30th June.  Enjoy and kindly share with friends. Ff @nuelnonny

From nothing to something was Mr. Chin’s story. He rose from just being a clown I employed for the company to be my secretary and entertain me to be my own main competitor at Taylor Hodson.
Mr. Chin’s profile rose in the company after I loaned him to the Managing director for just a week after his secretary lost her mum. My wife insists I can’t have a female secretary for reasons best known to her. Whatever he did there he must have done it so well… I suspect he has been sucking my in-law’s nuts… I never had issues with Mr. Chin until two months ago when Chin of all people got a double promotion and my father in-law made fun of me in front of Chin and the bastard had the guts to laugh. My troubles at home must have gotten to his ears; she shares everything with her dad… maybe Mr. Chin too!  With her talking to her dad about getting a divorce I knew my days were numbered. Working extra hard was something new to me and having a subordinate seriously eyeing my job was incomprehensible. I know I can be good doing my  job but I  also know if I ever lose my job with this firm I’ll never be able to get any job which pays like this… maybe I’ll end up working under one negro I interviewed somewhere. 
My running seems to have surprised the police officers at first because after rushing down the stairs into the streets they thought I’ll go to my car. I headed into the alley down the lane, running as fast as I could. If only I still hit the gym like before, I was breathing heavily already. Hitting the next street, I stopped just by the ATM to get more cash. I have watched too many movies where fugitives got caught via their phones so I ditched my phone in the next bin. I can’t imagine the thoughts running through people mind, I was just too dressed to be running on the streets. I got to the train station just in time to run into the arms of Inspector Kelly and my unfriendly detective. Should I cry and blame this on the devil?  My running must have helped because I was not thinking aloud anymore. The detective watched amused as I cried. How do I really tell them I did not kill Chin even though I’ll love so much to do so. The fact I have blood on my shirt is not helping matter. I want to think up a conspiracy theory of affair gone wrong and then them making me pay for reasons best known to them. The detectives took me in for questioning in a dark room where I continued claiming my innocence.
Collin, why have you been shouting? You have been muttering in your sleep and now you are crying. Wake up bastard! Foolish, good for nothing man. I felt a kick in my groin area… the police can’t be torturing me… I am an American. Wake up, she kicked again.  Pain radiated through my body, I struggled not to pass out and as I opened my eyes I saw my wife towering over me, on our bed. I was not in a dark room; I was lying in our expensive bedroom. The only thought in my head was calling Mr. Chin; I am not going to jail over our little quarrel yesterday. I hope my dream does not come through. Chin picked on the first ring, which was all I needed.

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