Friday, 14 September 2012

[BG] Oge okoye stars in new movie

Oge okoye stars in new movie A minute of silence : Adaeze(oge okoye) and amarachi(chika ike), 25, have been friends from childhood. There is a prophecy that adaeze will kill amarachi on their 25th birthday. Now, amarachi has got a few days to live and adaeze has got a few days to kill her. This two friends are determined to stop that prophecy from seeing reality, but there is a force, so physical, so strong, so lovely that both of them want, and when one gets it, the other looses out and when the other losses out the winner dies. This is the story of love, greed and hate. 

Love is love, a prophecy is a prophecy, and the thin line between them is called reality.

Wirtten and directed by Afe Olumowe.

A Chijioke Nneji Production(Magic Movies)

Publicist :Walkthruwallsmedia

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  1. Thats quite an interesting story, Magic will always be magical