Monday, 29 October 2012

The Buzz! 2.0

We at Buzzent Networks with great sadness.... Nah let's drop that crap!!!!

Guess what?

The Buzz is back! BETTER, COOLER, JUST FOR YOU! Our upgrades over the past week have finally been accomplished and as always, we are looking for new ways to serve you better. We have decided to move from the .blogspot to .com!

As you'll see, beginning today at 9 PM GMT, the new site will be fully functional and more dynamic. Aside from the looks, which as you'll see is quite exquisite, it is much easier to use and more mobile friendly.

So, it is compatible with your Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry and Apple devices.

We can't help but thank the numerous friends of the BUZZ! for all their support, and promise that we'll 'make dem know'.


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