Friday, 12 October 2012

[POEM] It’s in our waters! by @onimsiwordsmith

Here, there everywhere
I have seen it,
Our rivers are been killed by these
Arsenic urine, spilling
From the bladders of our corporate masters!

Facts are, our factories are getting larger
Resources are going faster,
Gold is often useless in times of disaster.

I’ve seen the poison, down the hill
As it staggers, pouring in the valley where
The ones poor ones they suffer.

It’s in our waters, its in our waters !!

Metallic minds wake up!
Hear my voice through your speakers!!!

It’s in our waters!!!

* Hip-Hop adaptation of Niyi Osundare’s poem ” Our Earth Would Not Die”

To all those affected by the floodings, your world won’t stop, God is in control

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