Sunday, 14 October 2012

[MUSIC PREMIERE] Pat Akpabio - Jesus Loves You + You Are Holy

Pat Akpabio is here with two brand new singles 'Jesus Loves You' and 'You Are Holy'. These songs are gospel songs that can uplift ones spirit when its down has a cool RnB rhythm for family use and believers.



Download Listen and share your thought. Read more about Pat below


To Pat Akpabio, her aim is to make music for the entire world, and people of all ages and nationalities to relate to. As her voice is lifted, Pat Akpabio wants People or nations to be encouraged and uplifted when they listen to her music.

Pat Akpabio impressive musical range and undeniable charisma helps liberate gospel music's more informal, with not so much of the traditional image, her style of music ranges from Jazz, Reggae, Hip Hop, Rhythms and Blues, while staying true to her heritage of African traditional sounds with lyrical messages of hope, inspiration, devotion and celebration. She also displays the kind of vocal immediacy and vulnerability possessed by few.

She possesses a creative lyrical talent that she calls “A gift from God” the ability to connect from her personal experiences through the Gospel. Pat switches musical gears from song to song with an amazing ability to complement each unique style.

In November 2009 she released her freshmen album untitled “Right On Time” with fourteen tracks which she wrote and produces entirely, accompanied by a DVD of eleven Videos.

On April 1, 2011 Her Sophomore album was released with a total of twelve (12) tracks. There is no doubt that Pat new sounds will attract new fans, her musical maturity presented her ability to stand. Although she included R&B flavored songs, hiphop and smooth ballads, in both contemporary and traditional settings, she never altered her messages about God.

Pat is aware that the world may be hungering even more for a spiritual message these days; her music offers the way of spiritual redemption. Music has always been a powerful force. She is proud that this album addresses the spectrum of life. It deals with struggles and relationships and sadness and joy

Pat Akpabio, has been honored with an incredible array of awards within the last 2 years alone, and continues to receive recognition across the world for her giving heart. She is also, the first Nigerian Gospel Artist to be inducted into the Grammy Recording Academy. In addition to her musical career, Pat Akpabio has established a more important ministry as an ordained Evangelist and a Lady in the order of John Wesley.

Traveling across the world delivering the word of God. She is also the founder and CEO of the Pat Akpabio Foundation, which provide help and support to women facing breast Cancer. Music - gospel music – “tells my story, reminiscent of the personal experiences in my life. I have found over my lifetime, that it's never as bad as it seems, so long as you believe in God”. Her accomplishments are critically-acclaimed and dreams will continue to be fulfilled.

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