Thursday, 12 July 2012


Hope you enjoyed the first part of torture by @anstacy! Here is number two! No 3... We'll see! Ff @nuelnonny

She ran into her bedroom shutting the door behind her and securing it with a lock, she got a chair and hurriedly used it to wedge the door, accidentally bumping her foot against her bed post as she did so, a sudden sharp pain radiated from her foot, that was the foot she fractured when they were still together, as she wedged the door with the chair, still limping from the pain she remembered when he'd threatened to harm the kids if she told the doctors what happened, he'd fractured her foot that night when he threw her down the stairs.
As he starts to pound against the door, her knees tremble and her heart starts to pound, she was trapped like a cornered rat, with nowhere to run all she could do at this point was scream for help even if she knew no one could hear her above the storm outside. "This isn't happening" she thought she'd thought he was dead, she shot him herself she had thrown his lifeless body off the bridge herself, for once in her life she'd faced her tormentor and won!!.. But if he was dead, then who was the man behind the door? His ghost. She turned as she heard the noise of the door being forcefully opened, she was now face to face with him, his eyes like furnaces, burning with rage, pure rage. "He was back!!, back for revenge" she thought as she took a painful step back and gasped for breath. There was nothing she could use to defend herself now, he wasn't human, not anymore.
She saw him raise his hand to hit her, just like he always did she shut her eyes and raised her hands to shield her face from the hit. Then he hit her, she stumbled and fell on the floor, he grabbed her by her neck and began to squeeze the breath out of her, she kicked, scratched and pulled at him but all to no avail, she tried to scream but there was no sound, everything began to fade, her vision, the sounds of the storm outside, and her world was fading into darkness, the last thing she saw were his eyes, those fiery eyes, watching her, burning deep into her, ripping her to shreds..

Then she was plunged into total darkness, screaming, scratching,crying, falling into a dark void... Then she woke up, her heart beating loudly, her sheets were damp with sweat and she was totally terrified. It was a nightmare, just a nightmare,it wasn't raining, the dog was probably sound asleep and he was still dead. She watched too many horror movies she thought as she resolved to go back to bed again. She said a prayer and drank from the glass of water at her bedside table before laying down and shutting her eyes again, sleeping for the second time that night. But it didn't stop the eyes,staring at her from her bedroom window, from watching, watching her every move...the same eyes, his eyes.

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