Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Calm down no be watchlist… Here we have Dr @anstacy lil write up. Hard to believe it’s her first! Enjoy and feel free to share with friends. Don’t be afraid, let it be said, use the comment box @nuelnonny

She lay on her bed that night, it was in the dead of the night and there was a mighty storm brewing outside. She could hear the dull rumbling of thunder in the distance as she snuggled under the very comfortable blanket “peace at last”. The kids were on vacation at her mother’s place, she’d spent the whole day cleaning up and her back hurt like hell. “When is daddy coming to get us” her son Nathan had asked her his little brown eyes sparkling with excitement, she smiled, kissed him on the forehead and whispered “daddy’s busy now and he’s in a place where we won’t see him for a long time”. As she drove back home after dropping off the kids,flashes of the past came to mind; she saw hands hitting her face over and over again, she remembered being dragged down the stairs by her own hair, she remembered feeling her own baby’s heart stop beating in her womb and the blood that rushed down her thighs every time he beat her till she’d miscarried, begging him to stop it with tears in her eyes, the pain that radiated through her whole body when he’d keep on kicking her until it became too much and she’d pass out,how he threatened to kill her if she told anybody, how weak she’d been till….

A sound from downstairs jolted her back to reality, it was coming from the kitchen, she shuddered as she put on a light silk robe and took a torch with her, she tiptoed down the stairs, shuddering with every step. She was right it was coming from the kitchen, a scratching sound “who’s there!!” She said, barely recognising her own voice… she kicked open the door and as the beam of her flashlight caught the source of the sound she laughed. It was their dog Gerald struggling to get into the kitchen, she opened the door and scratched the dog behind its ears , the dog whimpered in excitement and made its way into the kitchen, she laughed again, it was probably scared of the storm brewing outside, she had to get it into the dog house before it rained.
After she had given Gerald a tin of sardines she led him to the dog house, locked him in and ran inside the house. Back in the kitchen still shuddering this time from the cold wind outside she brewed herself a cup of hot coffee. She started to make her ways upstairs to bed,when heard a sound well known to her. She looked back quickly and could not believe what she saw, her jaw dropped in shock, she couldn’t find the strength, her knees and hands became weak, the cup of hot coffee fell to the floor making a crashing noise…he was back and the look in his eyes said it all “he was here for blood”..her blood. Then he spoke “I told you , you can never escape from me …wife!!”, she spun on her heel and ran towards the bedroom as fast as she could, she heard his laugh, that evil laugh and his footsteps close behind her… deep inside her she knew she would never get away,she shut her eyes for a moment and whispered a prayer for her kids. She wasn’t gonna survive it this time,she knew that, but at least she won’t go down without a fight!!!

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