Thursday, 30 August 2012

[BUZZ PROMO] The crowd is hyped... The Emcees are ready....

UGETMOUTH Jos might just be the biggest thing this part of the Country have seen or heard this year! The UGETMOUTH team is in Jos and we decided to run a little interview with some acts just to get you ready for Saturday..

First we meet Fangz, he might not be the most known act "yet" but his delivery on JTF vol 2 which Buzzent premiered a week ago tells everyone he deserves to be HEARD.

What do U think about UGETMOUTH?

Well, I think UGETMOUTH is swell and also an avenue for rappers to explore themselves

How ready are you for UGETMOUTH

As for being prepared, Word play Fangz was born prepared!

Then we meet Yungbuzz who is also battling and this is what he had to say

"UGETMOUTH I think is all about creativity and guts, I believe you guys are in the right place. Shows like this is something the people of Jos deserve"

...How prepared I am... I must say anytime I keep thinking about it, in the sense that it's a freestyle show and an artiste like RichKid is battling, I must say, it sends shivers down my spine! It is all good though... The hunter could end up being preyed on... WHO KNOWS???

Bugsi who is up against YungBuzz had this to say about UGETMOUTH

"Well, basically I think the concept and idea behind the entire event is something that sort of "fills a void" in the music industry. A lot of talents haven't really gotten a chance to showcase themselves cos society just puts a few artistes in the limelight and leaves the rest(who are probably more talented) in the background. So the fact that UGM seeks to find the best of the best emcees makes it something to respect.. And look forward to!

On how prepared he is, he said "110% ready baba, Father forgive me for the murder I shall commit". Now that's no accidental murderer cos it is so premeditated!

Bella is the only Feemcee battling though called shy in so many circles! She is the first female in UGETMOUTH's history and she had this to say

I think its what I've been waiting for in show how good I am! I am very ready... Can't wait

We had to meet a few people from the names who will be on the cypher! MarQuiz & Yung hurriedly came to mind

MarQuiz who was at the December edition of UGM in Abuja said its a great thing having UGM, even better than great! Jos has acts but barely enough shows to showcase their talent and so UGM coming to Jos is going to provide a platform to help.

On how ready he was for the cypher, he said, "no matter how ready you are, you are never ready enough! If you really wanna know, come catch MarQuiz! Am ready, gonna do my thing better than you've all seen me do it"

Yung of the T.I.C crew said he thinks its always exciting when a new idea and a movement (so to speak) comes along!

Its just the beginning but I think the future holds a lot for the UGetMouth team! On how ready he is for UGM, he went aaah, I am ready oh!!!

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