Saturday, 18 August 2012

Watch list with Mas The Grand Hustler

He is known as Mas The Grand Hustler… his music reminds me so much about Rozzay as his lyrics are basically him bragging! Like him or hate him, Grand Hustler has made a name for himself with banging tunes like BEND DOWN LOW. Here is an interview I had with him recently….

Adams Masaram

Brief history
I am a jay town rapper, born and bred in Abuja. I am From Plateau state, Bokkos precisely, a 300L Pol. Sc. Student of Unijos. I rep Abj and Jos.

Airplay & crowd reception
When compared to Abj, airplay in Jos is poor due to limited amount of radio stations on the Plateau. To a large extent, I can say it is ok

Genre, label & Affiliates
I do all sorts of music. I can do any genre if the crowd will like it but basically hip hop. I do afro hiphop and everything the crowd can relate to and make meaning out off. I am not under any label yet though am working on something regarding that. On the affiliate’s aspect, I have strong ties with a lot of jaytown acts basically ‘Star Warts’

Who makes up star warts & what do you guys do

‘Star warts’ is a music crew of young talented acts. Fidel freezy, Selzo, Joel Joe and Sanmi are also members

When did you get into music & what are your influences
Music has always been there but I started professionally during the Don Jazzy enigma competition, I stepped into a both for the first time ever in my life.
I listen to any kind of music so I can’t point out categorically but I look up to home acts like the Abaga’s Jesse and M.I

What are you presently working on

At the moment, I am working on my mixtape. Done recording, I am trying to make cuts on tracks which will make the tape. It is called JTF, Jaytown’s finest. It should have about 12 tracks and a skit. I do not have an official date for dropping it yet.
Featured acts

I got ‘everyone’ on it… Yung of YMYN, MarQuiz, Kunem, Young Boss Sammy(YBS), Verbz and Butta. Featured acts on about 5 tracks on the tape. On J.T.F vol. 2, I have everyone repping Jos at the moment. If you are not on the track, you are not making waves
Alchaddas is not on it…
Alchaddas has his own style, much respect but at the same time, I must say… I have Yung, Marquiz, Verbz, YBS and Butta on the beat. He is nobody where I stand. We got no beefs though.
Best & worst performance
I do not have a worst, it keeps getting better. My best was performing with Rayce recently, the crowd was singing along to Bend down low
Thinking of shooting a viral video for J.T.F vol.2. Maybe others too.
Last words
I’ll just give shout-outs to artistes on the mixtape and my

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