Saturday, 18 August 2012


Fear is a common factor in every human and it is not a good ingredient in a relationship. It is okay to be scared,we always want to protect ourselves because we do not want to make the same mistake twice,we do not want to fall prey to the wrong crowd but wearing fear as a protective clothing for too long is definitely not okay.

The presence of fear in a relationship makes room for certain restrictions, hindrances to experience the beauty. You can only savour the bliss in your relationship when you let your guards down. It is okay to wear protective clothing but it is no longer good when it prevents you from being human. Being human is all we have got, it is our saving grace and you ought not to be scared of being yourself. We are a sect of imperfect but beautiful race and what does not kill us makes us stronger to take on the next challenge.

Fears steals your good taste when it envelopes you, you start avoiding things like putting yourself out there just because you don't want to be hurt. I believe in putting myself out there, getting played, hurt but happy I tried instead of wishing for what would have been. Hearts were made to be broken anyway so why not pick the pieces and make the best out of every sweet relationship that went sour?

My suggestion, though crazy but it is of truth. Fear makes us cynics and we refuse to see anything positive in people. It destroys the trust and kills the bliss we feel while defending a relationship. Never let fear be the judge of you, learn to take control and conquer.

Fear steals everything a relationship stands for,you will always have certain reservations,there is always this part of you that won't open up and you remain stuck for as long as it takes to overcome this feeling of insecurity. Put everything into your relationship, exorcise every thought that you will feel like you felt the last time. There is need to get to know your partner, open up that heart of yours, give it all your best, invest trust and always believe in your partner, I promise you will be just fine. it is not a bed of roses, keep trying and you will get really lucky one day.

We get too scared to admit we want to be with someone and this often upsets our partners, we lose everything especially when we are shopping in the right store. Why live your life scared to death about not finding the right one but when we finally do,we are scared to be with them?

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