Tuesday, 7 August 2012

[LOVE AFFAIR] My version of a healthy relationship ...have your say ...

Fresh post from our latest writer, Onwy:

The word" relationship" is not a game as some people choose to call it, it is an institution that requires maturity, its not a circus game but it has got loops we all jump through everyday to survive.

Relationship with animals is not easy, take a dog for an example, you have got to train the dog to a certain level, he needs to recognise you, trust, love and understand you, dogs do not speak but they speak the language of the heart through their bodies. Humans speak, the sense of recognition already exists but there is need to define the relationship..

Women are in the habit of leaving the rest to men, we are the ones that are wooed therefore we don't have to work to keep it going. Am wrong and you are wrong, it is an institution that hinges on combined effort to survive, a certain level of co-operation is needed, it is absolutely not healthy to leave your partner to do the work alone, he needs you just like you do him. Learning to have a purpose in a relationship is necessary, we have to ask ourselves why we need someone in our lives? Is it just for sexual satisfaction, is it because we are scared of being alone, we do not want to go to parties alone or because we need an emotional bank account, someone who is important during the storm? We need someone who stays through the storm, someone who understands us despite our baggages, we have to value our relationships more, value that intimacy and let the luxury be the added dividends we get for investing in our partners wisely..

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