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[CounterAttack] Boys Would Be Men

We are glad to annonouce a new addition to our ever growing team Kbizzle a.k.a @onimsiwordsmith For all you FOOTBALL LOVERS, he would be bringing CounterAttack
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CounterAttack is the first in a series of weekly round up of all of the doings and dealings of the greatest show on earth - Yes O! Football noni!

Different Leagues from all around the world would be covered and reviewed in a panaromic mode, without any particular scale of preference.

Be warned! These are my, not so humble views on our collective passions- Yes O! Football noni! Extreme attention and an almost doctrinal acceptance of my bigoted and biased views, thats all I ask.

But remember my people, I am not responsible for your teams mistake or your enemies goals - in case you see me for road.!!

This  Season has started with a bang! And that football feeling is back in our hearts again!   

Boys would be men!, and face their responsibilities some Baba kept yelling at the garden  I watched most of the premiership games this weekend, I am sure he was just a drunken idiaat!, but his drunken rants turned out to ring true as the events happened! 

The good times still rolling at Chelsea for Di Matteo and the group, as they easily swept aside Arsenal and their early talks of  a title challenging team by Arsenal fans. As aptly pointed out by my colleague I was watchng the game with, Any championship winning side needs a championship winning striker- Arsenal don't have one! But these whingy metrosexual Gooner fans would stop at nothing, even painting Podolski as a world class striker! He declared. I had to agree with him when a resurgent (very hopeful) Torres bundled the ball across the goal from all of 3 yards. I hear a certain section of Stamford bridge faithfuls have purchased a memorabilia " I AM LEG, END " mug for El Nino for all his near goals and inconsequential passing.

All jokes aside, Chelsea possess a deeply talented crop of players and a fluid modern manager - (Designer blazers and all that would make track-suite wearing old school baddies like Bielsa cry and Guardiola proud). DiMatteo has the comfort of a deep budget, a successful debut season and a bunch of talented young players. Arsenal fans would håve been scratchimg their heads wondering what happened to their once "club of babies" tag as the average age of thief squad was 4 years higher than Chelsea's.

Manchester United managed to harm themselves and spite their enemies, by loosing what seemed a straightforward game  to Tottenham. 
The last time Tottenham beat United, Gary Lineker in all of his young and country years, scored the winner. That was 1988, before most of myg readers were born!. The lack of coherence in the middle for United was so glaringly bad that Rooney had to drop deep and try casting as Superman for the day. More worrying for Fergie and his boys is the continual lack of concentration and loss of form of arguably the most influential defender of our time - Rio Ferdinand. 

Liverpool are finally walking! And Suarez is not feeling so alone now with Sahin and Gerald buzzing round him. They hammered Norwich 5- 1 without ever getting out of the third gears.
Manchester City left it late, till he magical movements of Dzeko created a game winning goal- Dzeko continues to play like a seasoned championship winning  striker!
We need more managers like Roberto Martinez, Brendan Rodgers and Gus Poyet though (he's
not there, yet).

These guys have helped change English football, and these weekend, these men that were once the boys of summer spendings, stood tall to guide their teams to greater heights,
a lot with out people really realising it.

It is the best produced league in the world,
that's for sure but  the flair and subtle tactical finesse of the Spanish game coupled with the unique dramas makes it such an emotional spectacle.

Seville played a perfect game and showed an alternative strategy to parking the bus against the Barca machine. Too bad they did not håve one for the referee who was determined on been the man of the match. Penalty claims, handballs and redcards where the stuff of Barca's remontada! As El Pais proclaimed in their headlines. 

Madrid managed to return Manita ( five finger slap) for the arrogance of Deportivo to score in the Bernabeu. Cristiano Ronaldo bagged another hat trick and was a smiles again! Especially as Messi only managed two assists without scoring. Ronaldo is yet to register a single assist to his team mates this season.

Worthy mention to Juventus and Borussia Dortmund, they too had boys that stepped up to be men this week.

This has been a test review of Counter Attack, Drop by next week for interesting reviews it's El Classico weekend, and as "THE ONLY ONE" says, the world stops.

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