Sunday, 10 June 2012

[BP] UGM Battle of the Mouthed(6th Edition) IN PICTURES

Na So , Na So the ting go!! We so in Vogue, something like PIN Codes..
The Battle of The Mouthed edition of UGM, provided us with enough bright sparks and electrifying battles between the freestyle heavyweights to power the whole Wuse District for a month. .(who be PHCN abeg?)

Okay so the crowd, was not exactly Wuse Market capacity, partly thanks thanks to the rain. But since we were in the business of selling rhymes and not rice, the essence of quality over quantity was brought to the fore, as the modest crowd that defied the rain experienced a not so easily forgetable edition of UGM.

Star studded cast of hip hop veteran’s like J-Dizzle ( my favourite emcee at the moment, check the song Put It In U know Where!!) ,

The extremely entertaining and talented Classiq took the Long trip from Gidi ( u too Get Mouth!) All put an extra touch of gloss on the already entertaining freestyle battles.

We got some new battlers on the block and a lot of energy from this young boys, ..I swear down, I know plenty emcee who would have more than their arthritis to worry about at the rate this boys are going.

Big shout out to KidModee, Tskillz (Mouthed !!) Desh, Shadow, the very confident Deji, Big Lix ( better luck next time brother) And whole loads of other rappers, if I forgot your name blame it on “theChaiman” if you know then you know.

Since variety be the spice of life, we also included two very special soul/rnb acts to sprinkle a bit of ginger in the show.

Big shout out to the biggest emerging soul act from the heart of Abuja….”DonSam” this brother oozed class and talent watch this space, 

and also the sassy Alexis, who teased the crowd to submission with her seductive single “5am in the Morning”. 

After all my rambles, here is a categorical statement: this UGM had the best battles ever experienced on the UGM platform.

While it rained outside, inside emcees where drawing blood with punchline pouring like May-Weather. T-Skills came out our deserved winner and carried the title for the month & goody bags from Buzzent, studio session of 50k value with MusicBunkerFCT and a customized mouthed t-shirt from the hardest working fashion label on town; Invade Clothing!

So while Tskillz reigns supreme in May, We await the next edition of UGM impatiently. And a word of advise from the Wordsmith, if you are an emcee in ABJ, nd you don’t make the next UGM, I advice you to drop the M-I-C and fix your C-V.
Na So the ting go!



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