Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I know you expect a post from me like immediately... this was written by @iam_ADA and I am certain you’ll be thrilled. Enjoy and please remember to share your comments @nuelnonny

I don’t understand it. I always wanted it. I was in love with the idea of it. Unknowingly, with every action I insinuated that I was looking for it. I had a vision of what it should be and I was never losing that. It was light, shimmery, elevating, ecstatic, pure bliss. I saw what I wanted, blocked what it could have really been.... or so I thought. It came to me in the form of a tall, light flowing river of rhinestones.

 It was beautiful. This had to be it. It looked like everything I wanted; it let me have some of it. I scooped some in my hands, it was perfect, it smelt pretty; I thought. Every day passed with me trying to impress a river of rhinestones, make it want me as much as I couldn’t live without it. My river of rhinestones wasn’t satisfied with just me as its tender; it needed more beautiful flowers to hover around it to feel truly valued. But I didn’t want to share my river; I didn’t try to fight for it. I let sweet nectar flow down from me into waste because of the pain I felt. As it wet me, I sat drenched in it....i realised, only then, that I was wasting a part of me because of something sincerely useless. Apparently attractive but lacking deep value. I continued to drench myself but in my realisation that I had given all to one undeserving. What I truly wanted and assumed I had found continued to elude me and mock me at every turn in my search.

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