Friday, 29 June 2012


How did u come about your name?

:), Isebiama is actually my name. Its my middle name; so I didn't come up with it exactly :), my folks did. My names are Michael Isebiama David. I picked Isebiama because I haven't seen anyone else with that name. (Apart from my father)

What is your motivation for getting into the industry?

My motivation, industry. Well, its pretty basic. I LOVE music, I love sharing, and I hate mediocrity. So my love for music has brought me into the industry. Also my desire to share my story with the world. I believe at least someone somewhere will have a changed life, a healed relationship, a happy day from hearing my story. The industry is the only way I can get my story out. And then the truth is, there's a lot of "mediocre" material/products out there. I really don't like mediocrity, but I'm not out to stop it; I'm out so that music listeners get to hear good stuff as well.

Whats your inspiration and how would you describe your sound?

My inspiration is my story. Things that happen around me here in Nigeria and things that happen to someone somewhere in the world. I'm inspired by real happenings. A lot of which are things I can deeply relate with.
My sound, hmm... My sound is natural. I have tried in the past to create music that sounds like this or like that, but then in the end, I just write as I feel it. My sound though has elements of soft rock in it, soul, a lot of percussive guitar strums which give it that African sound. I'll in one word describe it as Urban!

Talk us through your latest single / project?

Currently, we're promoting "AGAIN" my debut single. AGAIN is a song I love so much. It came so naturally. It was at a time I couldn't move around so much, was recovering from a bike accident and was in my room playing my guitar. Started playing this guitar progression I thought was interesting and then I began to think of how I was feeling. I remember I felt pretty abandoned and thought people were fake and needed to learn to love more. But then also, I thought "come on, these people are only human, that they're not there doesn't mean they don't care, let it go, who says you wouldn't have acted worse" And BAM!!! there came AGAIN. :) 

Its dated for realese 30/06/12.

Watchout for the video!

How can your fans reach you?

Hey friends, y'all can reach me on twitter @isebiama, also (Here I share a lot and the interesting thing is you can talk back too), and then

Looking forward to hearing from y'all.

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