Saturday, 30 June 2012


Allo, I am here again with one of my short posts. Ode in the post no be pigin oh! Do not hesitate to share a comment and follow @nuelnonny

All I needed was that good start today, after such a restless night, she picked on everything, every damn thing nowadays. An extremely sophisticated diva, skin so flawless, a figure to die for and a face only a Greek goddess could have. She lived the life and on the very fab lane… I got myself into this I grunted. Ok the family money might have added to the nudge I thought looking at the well chiseled suit handmade in Islington, London lying on the bed. My ode can go on for ages because she was worth it all. I picked up my suit, walked to the dining area not for my breakfast but my car keys, she must have finally learnt I do not appreciate her burnt toasts and have stopped making them. I rushed my glass of juice and hit the streets of Manhattan. I worked at the almighty Taylor Hodson Inc, a New York City based firm providing permanent and temporary administrative support staff to the New York metropolitan area. I drove just under the speed limit taking a glance at the ticket I stuck on my dashboard; I know the alcohol I always spike my juice with today a little more heavy will not escape the nostrils of any Policeman.

I rushed up the flight of stairs to my office, I had to avoid every human contact, the lift must be flooded and running into a boss will be a very bad idea. The Chin guy in the next cubicle will get that exactly which he is asking for, taking a swipe at me in the presence of inferiors will not be taken likely with. He asked for this! I was on the flight of stairs to fourth floor when I saw the first stain… blood? The janitor must have ignored this part of the building, besides, no one uses the stairs. I had just taken a few more flights when I heard the first voice, Kelly, careful… I can’t remember any Kelly and for someone who can boast of recognizing voices of even job seekers he comes across I knew they were strangers. Strangers on the stairs… I can’t get a little privacy on the stairs again? I put up my very stern face waiting to run into the ‘miscreants’. POLICE… then the stench of blood hit me, ‘what are you doing here?’ The voice talking to whomever Kelly was barked at me? Kelly why are the stairs not manned? Stop!!! Chin in a pool of blood? Sweet, where is that stupid look on his face? The Asian bastard… then it hit me, I was thinking a little too aloud. This might be a homicide, I didn’t just stumble in, I made racist comments about the dead. I hope they don’t find out my little beef with Chin just the day before, I can’t face officers with this breathe. I must have been thinking out loud cos the unfriendly policeman said I was too late to turn back. Who are you? Didn’t you see the tape sealing the stairs? You seem to know that young man he said pointing to Chin. Take a run… how do I answer those questions? I can picture myself getting arrested already. I was never going to taste alcohol again… today I prayed for a good day… I leaned on the rail away from the blood trying to keep a distance from the detectives as I answered their questions. My name is Collin Green; I usually take the stairs to avoid the lift and Mr. Chin is a colleague. How did I not see the stupid tapes downstairs? Collin Green? We have been trying to contact you on your cell and you find us here! You are meant to be brought in to answer questions on your fight with Mr. Chin yesterday. The camera says you are the last person to leave the building… chin never logged out nor did the cameras see him leaving. We sent a dispatch team to your house and reports reaching us say you have a bloodstained shirt in the waste bin. Then it hit me, the fuss last night was because I had blood stains on my shirt. What happened to me?



  1. E 4 no sweet!
    Thank God na fiction,
    U know me

  2. Run nigga Run. Or is Mr Green white?

  3. Ur gonna add more to it right?
    ..........But it's good

  4. I don't even know if he is black or white! The 2nd part of the series coming really soon.