Sunday, 3 June 2012

[BUZZ PROMO] The Stoneybaze Online Music Community

Is a new world of music where people come together to share their resources, ideas and services. 

- It's about the love and passion for music.

- It's about working together, sharing our common resources to achieve what we want.

- It's about making new acquaintance with like-minded people in the same geographic area.

- It's about getting our works and ideas out to the rest of the world.

This site was built out of need and necessity more than anything else. This is an avenue where you can build on your reputation, work with great minds and even make some money while you're at it. 


About the features:
The classical friend list has been replaced with "Connects" which only allows you to add 10 people you frequently communicate with (more like an address book). There is a "Shout out box" that lets you post texts so everyone in the Music Community can see, like or comment. 

Users can also post media contents from YouTube and SoundCloud. Also not forgetting the Top 10 track Charts which automatically gets songs with high buzz. The Sounds Market allows to you buy or sell used or brand new music items. In the Free Mixtape section, users can post their completed mixtapes for free download. Producers can post Free Beats for free download as a way of promoting themselves. A full listing of the sites features and manual can be found on the Help & Support page.

Feel free to message us on any ideas you think will add value to this website. We are more than happy to accept any suggestions, comments or contributions. " 


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